Set logic aside to play the game where losing is actually winning and your character may be the dumbest person to ever live!

After waking from a terrifying dream of your own untimely death, you attempt to make your way to the Finnigan Brothers' Fun Park for its last day then back home again in this all-new text-adventure from CoaguCo Industries. You must survive ten chapters of ridiculous deaths and traps spanning over one hundred and fifty ways to die with no discernible way to navigate to safety. It's like playing Russian roulette with five chambers loaded, but more frustrating.

Warning, this game is reading. Lots and lots of reading.

  • All-new Story Mode to make better sense of your fate
  • Legacy Choose and Random Modes unlockable after your first win
  • Two holidays modes: Halloween and X-Mas; active on their respective holidays
  • All-new multiplayer Saboteur to kill friends or strangers
  • 18 achievements
  • Hand-drawn art of mostly skulls and blood
  • Original music from Azucar

The new Story Mode allows for more choices in the way you perish and better odds of surviving. It incorporates a new luck mechanic that, when it runs out, so does your chances of making it to the Fun Park. The original Choose Mode, where you select a number blindly, and Random Mode, where the computer selects your fate, are included but only accessible after you play the game on Story Mode first.

The new Saboteur feature now allows friends or strangers to jump into your game and dog your ever step with a variety of traps. Don't worry though, you can always choose to jump into someone else's game and return the favor.

You've repetitively clicked all the buttons, you've spammed all the achievements, you've read (maybe) three or four deaths, and you've nearly crashed out our server. What more is there to do? Well we are proud to present you with the Deluxe Edition package! In this delightful addition we are offering you the following:

  • The full soundtrack (the game will use the extra tracks)
  • Seven special wallpapers
  • Full, printable poster from our previous contest
  • In-game Flashlight item to find Saboteurs
  • No new achievements!

Bonus Art

Additional art and music content (wallpapers, poster, and soundtrack) can be found within the game's Steam folder.

Bonus Flashlight

The in-game Flashlight will be unlocked from the get-go. Click on it to show any Saboteur traps that may be waiting for you; with a three-second cool-down between uses. Plus, they won't even know you've got it on!

Bonus Music

This version of the game will also make use of the new music tracks, both in the menus and game itself.

Bonus More

We will be adding some additional content over the next few months. Check back to see what gets added!

Recent News, Very Recent

One Way To Die - Version 5.3.1 Update

Hey, death-seekers!  Today is a super tiny QoL update that will / should have no discernible effect for most of you.  Just upgrading the engine and fixing missing executable icons on Windows.

Here’s the change log which basically states the exact same thing:

  • Changed: game engine upgraded to Godot 3.2
  • Fixed: correct executable icon on Windows


#coaguco#owtd#games#steam#linux#windows#update#godotengineMon, 03 Feb 2020 22:43:37

One Way To Die - Version 5.3 Update

Hey, death-seekers! We have just issued an update to address a problem that has plagued us for some time… statistics.

The game will now rely on your local save file instead of pulling statistics from Steam unless you elect to sync them in the Options section. This should prevent stats from “disappearing” because Steam failed to send the data correctly.

There are also some minor QoL updates as well. In case your the curious type, here is the change log:

  • Added: tooltip hints to Options menu
  • Added: individual death numbers to save files
  • Added: missing Steam stats for mode plays
  • Added: “Now Choosing For” in title so player knows what page is next
  • Changed: graphics drivers back to GLES 3.0 with fallback to GLES 2.0 if needed
  • Changed: complete overhaul to stat saving and loading system
  • Changed: how the game calculates unique deaths
  • Changed: how the game checks achievements and saves stats
  • Changed: system does not check Steam by default when loading stats, now only when syncing
  • Fixed: Steam achievements only looking for 17 instead of 18
  • Fixed: stats section not showing all achievements if unlocked
  • Removed: stat dependency on Steam stats

More to come!, 28 Dec 2019 16:11:35

One Way To Die - Version 5.2.1 Update

Hey, death-seekers! Today we are pushing a very tiny update to fix some issues with Choose Mode for the holiday event. There will be another larger patch later on to address the confusion around Choose Mode and what page you are on.

Here is the change log for the knowing:

  • Fixed: issue with choices on page 4 of Choose Mode
  • Fixed: numbers not visually resetting to 0 on Choose Mode

More to come!, 27 Dec 2019 15:14:46

Statistics Of The Dead

Most Games

Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Most Aspirin

Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Most Deaths

Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Most Gas

Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Most Wins

Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Most Sandwiches

Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Death Totals By User Group


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Burned / Froze

Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0


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Desktop: 0Web: 0App: 0Steam: 0

Folks On The Leaderboards

Biggest Losers

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Earliest Winners

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    No one has won yet. How... expected.

Biggest Winners

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  1. Well, this is embarrassing... for you. No one has won yet.

Fastest Completist

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    No gluttons for punishment... yet.

Change Log

This is the official change log for One Way To Die.

Version 5.3.1 - Lacerated [ 02/03/20 ]

  • Changed: game engine upgraded to Godot 3.2
  • Fixed: correct executable icon on Windows

Version 5.3 - Lacerated [ 12/28/19 ]

  • Added: tooltip hints to Options menu
  • Added: individual death numbers to save files
  • Added: missing Steam stats for mode plays
  • Added: "Now Choosing For" in title so player knows what page is next
  • Changed: graphics drivers back to GLES 3.0 with fallback to GLES 2.0 if needed
  • Changed: complete overhaul to stat saving and loading system
  • Changed: how the game calculates unique deaths
  • Changed: how the game checks achievements and saves stats
  • Changed: system does not check Steam by default when loading stats, now only when syncing
  • Fixed: Steam achievements only looking for 17 instead of 18
  • Fixed: stats section not showing all achievements if unlocked
  • Removed: stat dependency on Steam stats

Version 5.2.1 - Lacerated [ 12/27/19 ]

  • Fixed: issue with choices on page 4 of Choose Mode
  • Fixed: numbers not visually resetting to 0 on Choose Mode

Version 5.2 - Lacerated [ 11/13/19 ]

  • Added: item description on click
  • Added: hud icons to show saboteur's kills
  • Changed: flashlight reactivates if player dies
  • Changed: set default sound / music level to half normal; doesn't affect pre-update levels
  • Changed: temporarily disable flashlight on death screen to prevent selection
  • Changed: host clearing death / immunity message clears it for saboteur too
  • Changed: location of lock timer
  • Fixed: flashlight drop check even if player has flashlight
  • Fixed: accepting invite while not in-game doesn't connect to
  • Fixed: issue with joining game from friends list
  • Fixed: lack of hooks for various saboteur stats
  • Fixed: splash intro not honoring user-set sound levels
  • Removed: old unused scenes and assets

Version 5.1 - Lacerated [ 11/04/19]

  • Added: missing stats to Stats section
  • Added: three new wallpapers to the deluxe edition
  • Changed: location of death category in Stats section
  • Changed: requirements for most Saboteur achievements
  • Fixed: some death stats being in the wrong spots on Stats section
  • Fixed: purging Steam data message was incorrect
  • Fixed: achievement 'The Returned' not firing when main menu starts
  • Fixed: how the game factors mode plays
  • Fixed: some Steam statistics not updating correctly

Version 5.0 - Lacerated [ 10/20/19 ]

  • Added: new graphical assets
  • Added: full statistics breakdown to non-deluxe version
  • Added: new Story Mode
  • Added: new leaderboards
  • Added: new Saboteur mode
  • Added: lobby lists for multiplayer
  • Changed: upgraded engine to Godot 3.1.1
  • Changed: many graphical assets
  • Changed: new splash sequence
  • Changed: new Godot splash image
  • Changed: CoaguCo API interaction
  • Changed: lots of code refinements under the hood
  • Changed: new layouts in all sections
  • Fixed: sound value not changing sound volume on load
  • Fixed: a variety of spelling and grammar errors

Version 4.1.1 - Killed [ 02/04/19 ]

  • Fixed: name for logging file
  • Fixed: issues with some achievements

Version 4.1 - Killed [ 12/26/18 ]

  • Added: logging system like other CoaguCo games
  • Added: hooks for upcoming features and content
  • Changed: functions dealing with achievements and statistics, mainly how the game interacts with Steam
  • Changed: volume ranges for music and sound
  • Changed: functions dealing with CoaguCo API
  • Changed: minor pieces of code in almost every scene

Version 4.0.10 - Killed [ 09/06/18 ]

  • Changed: some small code changes
  • Removed: holiday gift interface

Version 4.0.9 - Killed [ 09/24/17 ]

  • Added: support for SSL
  • Fixed: incorrect executable icon for Windows
  • Fixed: problem with API when wiping stats

Version 4.0.8 - Killed [ 08/30/17 ]

  • Changed: upgraded to Godot Engine v2.1.4
  • Changed: screen to maximize on launch, unless set to fullscreen in config
  • Fixed: issue with connecting to CoaguCo API over SSL

Version 4.0.7 - Killed [ 05/27/17 ]

  • Added: check and correction for usernames having weird characters
  • Change: API system to match new username correction functions
  • Changed: upgraded to Godot Engine 2.1.3

Version 4.0.6 - Killed [ 03/29/17 ]

  • Added: enter to submit choice in Choose Mode
  • Added: 1-3 selects options on pages

Version 4.0.5 - Killed [ 02/04/17 ]

  • Added: back button to mode select
  • Added: recommended play style
  • Changed: upgraded to Godot Engine 2.1.2
  • Fixed: game crashing if pressing ESC on mode select

Version 4.0.4 - Killed [ 12/13/16 ]

  • Added: functions for 12 Days of CoaguCo Christmas

Version 4.0.3 - Killed [ 11/22/16 ]

  • Changed: updated to Godot Engine v2.1.1
  • Changed: updated to Steamworks v1.38a

Version 4.0.2 - Killed [ 10/01/16 ]

  • Fixed: holiday mode enabling on the wrong days
  • Fixed: missing menu images for holiday modes
  • Fixed: wrong version numbers on builds

Version 4.0.1 - Killed [ 09/23/16 ]

  • Added: separate 32 and 64-bit Linux depots (actually added in 4.0.0)
  • Fixed: indentation issue on death recording, prevents certain stats saving right
  • Fixed: achievements having wrong IDs thus firing or displaying wrong
  • Fixed: ESC key function incorrectly named

Version 4.0.0 - Killed [ 09/22/16 ]

  • Added: new achievement - The Returned
  • Added: slightly different opening text after first death
  • Changed: CoaguCo API to fit new functions
  • Changed: game over to Godot Engine
  • Changed: sabotage mode to use local computer method
  • Changed: all graphics to new hand-drawn versions
  • Changed: slim-lined sabotage functions
  • Changed: corrected some option text
  • Removed: credits section
  • Removed: CoaguCo account login functions
  • Removed: desktop, web, and Android global stats from stats section

Version 3.6.2 - Jabbed [ 06/20/16 ]

  • Fix: 'Succumb To Infection' firing when you have aspirin
  • Fix: small spelling / grammar errors

Version 3.6.1 - Jabbed [ 04/30/16 ]

  • Fix: game crashing when 0 or 00 are entered
  • Fix: game "erasing" 0 at end of entered number; eg. 20, 30
  • Fix: game not understanding 02 is also 2

Version 3.6.0 - Jabbed [ 04/22/16 ]

  • Changed: Choose Mode is now the default
  • Changed: engine to use Pygame_SDL2
  • Fixed: Choose Mode ignoring numbers starting with 0
  • Fixed: more spelling and grammar issues, duh
  • Fixed: minor alpha glitch on splash screen
  • Fixed: issue where adding a leading zero in choice would bypass game's checking of results
  • Fixed: missing one graphical asset from Windows 32-bit version of Deluxe
  • Issue: spamming buttons will crash the game due to sound channel overrun (slow your roll)

Version 3.5.1 - Immolated [ 01/08/16 ]

  • Added: in-game toggle for Choose Mode
  • Added: indicator for Choose Mode being active (was still obvious)
  • Added: legacy support for older versions (update the game, you savages!)
  • Changed: heartbeat system to use new authorization code process
  • Changed: reporting system to work with legacy code and new system
  • Changed: small things to tighten up the code base
  • Fixed: issue with CoaguCo API and recording of save information
  • Fixed: issue with X-Mas mode running longer than it should have
  • Fixed: weird issue where sounds played even if sound was off
  • Fixed: issue with 'helpers' not saving correctly

Version 3.5.0 - Immolated [ 01/01/16 ]

  • Added: Choose Mode, allows the player to pick their fate instead of the system
  • Added: new menu graphic of "Now With Choose Mode"
  • Added: screen for Choose Mode decision (good luck)
  • Changed: community mode toggle to Choose Mode toggle
  • Changed: small issue with upstream statistic reporting
  • Fixed: small spelling and grammar issues, again
  • Fixed: save file not saving sound/music preferences

Version 3.4.1 - Hung [ 12/22/15 ]

  • Fixed: game crashing when achievement fires, but still recorded fine
  • Fixed: issue with normal version of game not recording trap disarming correctly
  • Fixed: order of X-Mas deaths in list, present and candy cane were recording as the other
  • Fixed: downstreaming of stats from CoaguCo to Steam causing crash
  • Fixed: fixed leaderboard ordering on Fastest Completionist

Version 3.4.0 - Hung [ 12/22/15 ]

  • Added: New and updated Sabotage Community Mode
  • Added: X-Mas Mode and 10 new related deaths
  • Added: X-Mas Mode achievement (weep)
  • Added: X-Mas death stats and specifics to the Deluxe version's statistics section
  • Added: sabotage options to deaths prevented by immunities
  • Changed: death by lists redone and categorized
  • Changed: statistic saving and reporting to save processing and bandwidth
  • Fixed: immunities not affecting new deaths after Sabotage Update was released
  • Fixed: achievement glitch that crashes the game
  • Fixed: Halloween mode activating during X-Mas mode
  • Fixed: various spelling and grammar issues (again)
  • Fixed: Steam stats moving upstream to CoaguCo when logged in
  • Fixed: additional Steam-related deaths not counting correctly
  • Fixed: player not getting Gasoline immunity if using a different immunity to survive a death at gas station

Version 3.3.3 - Gutted [ 10/29/15 ]

  • Added: Special Halloween Mode menu screen
  • Added: Special jack-o-lantern exit button in-game
  • Added: 10 new Halloweens deaths
  • Added: New achievement, The Hallowest
  • Fixed: More spelling and grammar fixes
  • Fixed: Small engine changes for page loading

Version 3.3.2 - Gutted [ 10/06/15 ]

  • Added: sabotage toggle off when you are the saboteur, click the blood smear
  • Added: text to disarming traps as 'Disarm Trap'
  • Added: version name and number to windows caption
  • Changed: text on setting traps to 'Set Trap'
  • Fixed: some spelling and grammar errors

Version 3.3.1 - Gutted [ 09/21/15 ]

  • Added: hooks for upcoming community changes to Sabotage
  • Changed: small tweak to how the computer picks trap setting

Version 3.3.0 - Gutted [ 09/21/15 ]

  • Added: offline Sabotage, now between you and the computer
  • Added: toggle for online/offline Sabotage mode
  • Changed: some graphic assets
  • Fixed: some spelling and grammar errors
  • Removed: temporarily the online Sabotage mode for upgrades

Version 3.2.2 - Flayed [ 09/15/15 ]

  • Added: 6 new normal deaths (Deluxe DLC only)
  • Added: 6 new Steam-only deaths (Deluxe DLC only)
  • Added: extended statistics (Deluxe DLC only)
  • Added: new graphics and layouts for statistics (Deluxe DLC only)
  • Fixed: page loop when disarming trap in Kitchen (all versions)

Version 3.2.1 - Flayed [ 09/13/15 ]

  • Changed: saboteur path slighty so going from trap to trap flows properly
  • Fixed: weird issue with 32-bit crashing out when calling Steamworks
  • Fixed: issue with saboteurs not being able to set traps properly
  • Fixed: threads not closing on some routine functions

Version 3.2.0 - Flayed [ 09/11/15 ]

  • Changed: time limit down to two minutes for saboteur if no traps are set
  • Changed: merged saboteur and non-saboteur page checks into one process
  • Changed: Anti Trapper and The Slaughter achievements have been lowered from 1,000 to 666
  • Fixed: issue where game keeps thinking you are the saboteur
  • Fixed: game confusing saboteur and non-saboteur in some sections
  • Fixed: not being able to access bathroom as saboteur
  • Fixed: saboteur's trap setting checks
  • Fixed: some grammatic and spelling errors

Version 3.1.2 - Electrocuted [ 09/09/15 ]

  • Hotfix for 3.1.1
  • Fixed: issue with achievement progress on Sabotage achievements
  • Fixed: immunity placement issue
  • Fixed: unicode problem with player names when they are the saboteur

Version 3.1.1 - Electrocuted [ 09/09/15 ]

  • Added: Poster file for DLC
  • Added: last two achievements for the game, both for non-saboteurs
  • Changed: statistics layout for new achievements
  • Changed: Sabotage update functions to accommodate new stats
  • Changed: player file to mirror new changes to Sabotage Update
  • Fixed: saboteur's name not displaying for non-DLC users
  • Fixed: new graphically placement for immunities

Version 3.1.0 - Electrocuted [ 09/08/15 ]

  • Changed: all Sabotage Update achievements available for all players
  • Fixed: issues with saboteur just hanging out, set timer
  • Fixed: small grammatic and spelling issues
  • Fixed: crashing issue with Windows 32-bit
  • Fixed: music error with Deluxe Edition

Version 3.0.1 - Drowned [ 09/07/15 ]

  • Added: condition to check saboteur stats before quitting game
  • Fixed: missing images for Saboteur in Deluxe and normal versions
  • Fixed: missing saboteur name in normal version
  • Fixed: positioning of saboteur label in normal and Deluxe in Linux

Version 3.0.0 - Drowned [ 09/07/15 ]

  • Added: one new achievement for non-DLC owners
  • Added: ten new deaths for Sabotage update
  • Added: four new achievements for DLC owners
  • Added: Sabotage features for all players - adds random ruthlessness
  • Added: Sabotage choices for DLC owners
  • Added: new graphics for update
  • Added: redistributable for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit users
  • Changed: statistic section layouts
  • Changed: achievement section layouts
  • Fixed: launcher for Linux users
  • Fixed: various small spelling and grammic mistakes
  • Fixed: annoying "helper" messages blocking text, now clickable!

Version 2.1.0 - Choked [ 09/03/15 ]

  • Added: into Linux branch to fix some crashes
  • Fixed: launch issue with Windows 32-bit (we think)
  • Fixed: achievements firing while in game and not at the main menu
  • Fixed: path issue with save files for Windows
  • Fixed: missing headcrab death text
  • Fixed: Steam usernames not moving over to CoaguCo's server for leaderboards
  • Fixed: weird issue with the leaderboards where two columns were swapped
  • Fixed: unique death counter (everyone got free achievements!)
  • Fixed: small grammar issues

Version 2.0.0 - Choked [ 07/25/15 ]

  • Added Steam-specific deaths and achievement
  • Changed CoaguCo e-mail to Steam name on menu screen

The Big List Of Deaths

Here are all the current ways you can die in the game; 157 in total. Good luck.
Halloween and X-Mas deaths are only available during their respective seasons.

Regular Deaths

  1. Choked from coughing
  2. Shellfish allergy
  3. Consuming anti-freeze
  4. Eaten by mice
  5. Microwave explosion
  6. Choking on a bottle cap
  7. Telephone electrocution
  8. Shot with an arrow
  9. Electrocuted via fork
  10. Miscellaneous 404 error
  11. Carbon monoxide
  12. Accidental suicidal cutting
  13. Tub drowning
  14. Crack skull on sink
  15. Deliberate poisoning
  16. Crushed by closet junk
  17. Snapping your neck
  18. Accidental gunshot
  19. Brain aneurysm
  20. Tortoise shell impact
  21. Limnic eruption
  22. Strangled by a scarf
  23. Executed by a maniac
  24. Car bomb
  25. Crushed by a falling plane
  26. Blasted by a hydrant
  27. Burned to death
  28. Killed by separation
  29. Insane food poisoning
  30. Dirty bomb explosion
  31. Smothered by a fat stripper
  32. Mercury poisoning
  33. Succumb to infection
  34. Head explodes
  35. Punctured by metal pieces
  36. Choked in space
  37. Drown in poop
  38. Drowned in the sewer
  39. Stabbed to death
  40. Die from laughing
  41. Hit by a bus
  42. Crushed by a landing seaplane
  43. Died from radiation
  44. Killed by a cop
  45. Heart stopped
  46. Hit by a golf ball
  47. Killed by ball lightning
  48. Mauled by zombies
  49. Lasered by aliens
  50. Car fire
  51. Crushed by an asteroid
  52. Over-eating
  53. Changing seats on a roller-coaster
  54. Snake bite
  55. Rat poison
  56. Alcohol poisoning
  57. Die from a hernia
  58. Exhaustion
  59. Terrorist bombing
  60. Electrocuted by wires
  61. Electrocuted by microphone
  62. Giant meat grinder
  63. Drown in vomit
  64. Decapitation
  65. Mauled by a bear
  66. Get lynched
  67. Choke on a corndog
  68. Drown in molasses
  69. Drown in beer
  70. Impaled on a spike
  71. Shanked by a prisoner
  72. Killed in a drive-by
  73. Crushed by a falling wall
  74. Crushed by a falling sign
  75. Overdose
  76. Ravaged by sharks
  77. Impact a pole
  78. Crushed by a piano
  79. Raped by dogs
  80. Nose-bleed
  81. Pipe bomb
  82. Stomped by a robot
  83. Hit by surfboard
  84. Crushed by a Saguaro
  85. Broken in a chimney
  86. Skinned alive
  87. Struck by lightning
  88. Mauled by a lion
  89. Beaten by a mob
  90. Spontaneous explosion
  91. Telephone pole electrocution
  92. Mauled by kittens
  93. Bitten by spiders
  94. Massive diarrhea and vomiting
  95. Drown in tub
  96. Stabbed in the back
  97. Crushed by giant slingshot
  98. Burned to death in bed
  99. Crushed by falling jet engine
  100. Bridge collapse
  101. Molotov cocktail
  102. Death by bed
  103. The unknown!
  104. Cannibalism
  105. Creeper
  106. Bleeding out
  107. Crushed by salt
  108. By airbag
  109. Torn by semi
  110. By the past
  111. By lawnmower
  112. The Tickler!
  113. Gutted by toilet
  114. Voodoo!
  115. Boredom
  116. Clones attack
  117. Catapult into window

Steam Deaths

  1. GabeN!
  2. Burned by steam
  3. Exploding steam engine
  4. Headcrabs!
  5. Counter-Terrorists win
  6. The Spy-cicle
  7. ...With Portals
  8. Shiny turret
  9. The Combine
  10. Taaaaank!

Halloween Deaths

  1. Fright
  2. Poison Candy
  3. Skeletons
  4. Franklin Stein
  5. Jack-o-lantern
  6. Vampire
  7. Lagoon Creature
  8. Black Cat
  9. Mummy
  10. The Man Wolf

Sabotage Deaths

  1. House collapsing
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Beaten by milkmen
  4. Fall in trap door
  5. Crushed by falling tree
  6. Clerk shooting
  7. Bee attack
  8. Tea-Cup launching
  9. Construction accident
  10. IED

X-Mas Deaths

  1. The Krampus
  2. The Present
  3. Candy Caned
  4. X-Mas Lights
  5. Reindeer Mob
  6. Santa Strangler
  7. Snow Angel
  8. Carolers
  9. X-Mas Tree
  10. Frostly Snowman